Monday, 21 February 2011

The range of computers for playing games(part 2 of 3)

 This is a follow on from: The range of computers for playing games(part 1 of 3)

Just as a disclaimer, I take no responsablity for your actions. If you want to build this its up to you, and if it dosen't work its not my fault. Im not 100% certain that it is a fully working build, it dose however work on paper. Its purely theoretical.

OK. The time is hear to make a basic gaming computer. For less than £500. It will be a chalange but lets give it a go. (all prices are bast on at the time of righting  this post.)

The first thing I look at when building a computer is solection a mother bord. It is the back bown for the build. I profer AMD CPUs to intell so i have gone for one with a AM3 prosesser sockit. the Asus M4N68T-M LE V2(£34.99). It has the Asus core unlocker wich makes it simple to unlock cors on CPUs that have been disabled. 

The CPU will be a single core, but can be unlockt if you are lucky, the AMD Sempron 140 2.7GHz(£25.72). Not the fasters proserser avalable but it dose the job. It comes in a retale box so has a heat sink and fan along with some thermal materil.

For the memry i have chosesn 4gbs of Kingston HyperX(£39.99) ddr3.

Now for the grafics card, A gaming computer needs to have a good grafics card to run the games, for a good gaming rig you wold want to spend upwords of £130 on the grafics card alown, but for this build that is inposible, this one shold  be just as good, its the Gigabyte GeForce GTS 430(£61.27).   It comes pre over clockt from the factory and works sprising lee well for buget card(I can say that becaus I own one of thees cards.)

Lets take a look at the hard drives and optical drives now. For the CD drive i have pickt out the very nice LiteOn 24x DVD-RW. For only £18.44. It is a very ruged drive that dose its job well. As for the hard drive, the Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3 7200rpm(£39.99) will do the job.

OK, lets look for a case, I have chosen the Silverstone Precision.(£34.04) It is a mid tower case, so ower Micro ATX mother bord will fit fine. It also has enuff cooling for this prity basic system.

The precision dosnt have a power spliye so one will need to be bort sepratly. Dabs have a nice 500w one for £11.98. It shold run this basic computer fine. 

Thats all of the hard wear done, now all it needs is an oparating system, for this computer it will be Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium(OEM: £75.18). 

This dosnt inclue a moniter, key bord, mouse or sound system, but the atule tower will cost only £341.60. wich is well under ower £500 gole.

Now dont take this for gosble, its not a grate computer, im not 100% it will work to gether but im pritey shuwer, If i had the mony i wold build it to find out. but on paper it wold be a hafe desont gaming computer for the casuale gamer, It wold be able to out do alot of game consoles on the market at the moment, and it dosnt brake the banks.

Part 3 will be looking at the difrences from PC gaming and console gaming, so bee on the look out for it coming soon.

Thanks for reading, coment, and sher.

George out.

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