Friday, 18 February 2011

The range of computers for playing games(part 1 of 3)

Lots of peple now have games consoles, and don't like to play games on computers. PCs can be the most powafull tool for playing games on. You can build or buy computers that will be able to beet consoles for evrthing if you know what cind of computer to get.

The range of computers expland:
Ther are meny types of computers out ther and not meny of them are good for paying games on, but if you know what you need to get amasing quality grafics and sown along with speed they are esy to find. For true gaming PCs you are looking in the price of £4000 plus but you can get away with a £500 one that i will be teling you about in part 2.

Laptops and netbooks, for games you realy want to avoid thes unless it is a disind gaming laptop. gaming laptops are very expencave and not meny good ones are out ther.

Desctops. Proper home computers. But Is yours right for gaming, chanses are it is not. it will run games, just not very well.

This is just a taster. more will be expland in part 2.

stay tuned and dont forget to coment.

George out.

UPDATE: part 2 now out

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