Saturday, 19 February 2011

A look inside two calulators

I came across thes two calulators the uther day in my house. They looked sprisingly similer. The key pad is made of the same stile of rubber, and is lade out exacly the same, the more modne one, hase its added funcanality brot on by its 'shift' butten printed on the plastec, but i codnt see eny markings on the second one, maby a sticker was arginly on it. They didnt have eny branding, so this is yet to be confermd, but lets take a look at them.

The one on the left in thes photos we will refer to as "CA" and the on on the right as "CB"

CA is smaller than CB

Back vew, i seem to have mis plast the batry cover for CB

CA uses butten sell batrys. but the older one uses dubbl A batrys.

The cheep consturction was aparent when i opend them up and found the key pad to be re inforst with card bord, i cudnt see eny comonents as the bords wer glud down and i didnt want to bucher them yet.

I am more than serten that theys calcuaters have been made by the same manufatura, they even had exacly the same scruse. Thes calcuaters do ther job, and are dert cheep(Im asuming) but for some real use, i dont think they wold do a good job. The build quality is terable.

Thanks for reading, dont forget to coment and tell your frends.

George out!

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