Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Five uses for a paper clip

OK, quick list, 5 things to do with paper clips. And a picher of a paper clip just beacous peple like to see pcihers on websites.
a random picher of a paper clip, from flickr

1. Clip peses of paper together, its the oviace one to start off whith, use things as they wer disind for.

2. To push small reset butens on electrical diveces. If you dont have a pen or pencele near you, just unravle a paper clip and reset it.

3. link them together and make neclases. The credit crunch is making a hard time for evry one, even dislesic geeks, so, cheep mome made juarly is usfull to give as girfts. its cheeper then bying the real thing

4. starting computer power splise, or as eny jumper cable. Usfull you might not relise how much.

5. fish hook. enuff sed

Well. that past about 30 seconds, but, it dose show that paper clips are very usfull. I bring this up as it was used to demonstate how usfull small things are in school, peple came up with lists 30 or so long. Why shold that be tort in shcool however is strange to me. why not shear what you think in the coments secton.

George out.


  1. They're also prettey good for cooking small bits of pork on...

  2. good advice, never thort of that one, keep them coming


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