Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Over zealous E-safety rules

Its a rant agen. I wold like to point out some E-safety rules(the ones given out by school techers) that arnt as bad as peple make out. But still you shold always remeber to stay safe on the intanet.

For example "Dont talk to peple you dont know on the intranet", what a lode of garbige. As I pointed out in a post about what to do if you are bord, ther is a service that is sposificly for this: It can be fun, entataning and also informative. Been online is just like been in real life(the techers tell us), so if in real life you never talktd to strangers, how wold you make frends? get information for seton thing? buy stuff?

The next one is "Lock up your twitter and facebook acount so only peple you want can see your persnale stuff". Ok mr E-safety dictater. If I did that I wold luse alot of my traffic to this blog. Shal networking makes for grate advatising if you know how to use it right. The twitter part of that statment is a hole new levle of tosh. Twitter is a micro bloging service, so its good for uther peple to see what you put, Its just a smaller vershon of a full sized blog.

"Only enter your personal detales on a site that has 'HTTPS:// at the bigining of the URL'" one work. facebook. nuf sead.

and finaly. "ask your peronts if you are not shuwer if a site is safe" Well I dont know about you, but , my perants dont know nothing about intanet safty, im the one that tells them what is safe and is not.

stay safe.

Thanks for reading.

George out!

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