Thursday, 20 January 2011

What to do on the intanet if you are bord

I am sick of people posting messages on soshale-networking a sites just to say that they are bored. This is a list of things to do on the intanet if you are bord.

Try out Omegle. Omegle is a site in winch you can have one to one conversations with strangers and more resonantly video chatting with strangers. A word of worming though this is most defiantly not for kids to try out as some of the convosations are very rude. happy chating :P

Play on some games. Ther is thousands of cashuale gaming sites on the web, you will be able to find a game you like if you search long enough. Try out funorb or addicting games for starters.

Start a blog. Blogging can be fun, you can start a blog on enthing you want and right about it. Or even try out video blogging if you are not very cofident with your righting. Ther is meny bloging servises out ther wich will alow you to creat a blog for free. and are exalent tools for this.

Lern how to program. If you are intrested in how computers are programd you can lern all about that cind of stuff on the intanet. just google, "how to program". Not howers of fun but more howers of somthing to do that cud help you in the fucher.

Thers a few thigs to do.

George out.

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