Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Manetaning your website

This is a folow up the the post on building a website, you can read that hear:

If you alredy know how to make a website you wont need to read that.

OK, now that you have your website up and runing, what  shold you do next? Well it dipends on what you want to do with your site and your own personal goles but a very comen thing that you may want to do is track vewrs, probable the best tool out ther to do this is google analytics. You sine up and put a small snip it of JavaScript code on to all the pages of the site you want to track. All the information gathered is then sent back to google's site and you will be able to see lots of interesting information on how peple use your site.

If you are not geting alot of trafic and you want to inprove the amount of people going to your site.  The first thing to do is to make shuwer that you have the best content out ther, if you have the best content on a poticula subject peple will tell ther frends, and they will tell ther frends, and so on. If you dont have meny real frends, why not post links to your site on verus soshale networking site, this will also inprove your trafic.

Do you want to make mony with your website? well if you do, try not to make it the main gole of your site, just somthing on the side. If you have lots of grate content, it is prity esy to do. You can try and sell ad spase on your site to advatisers or try google adsense this is a nuther grate website tool for website owners. see the google adsense site for more on this thow. Also you can try and make mony form afiliat marketing, this is where you sell products for uther people and they pay you comition, but be wery they are lots of pople that are ofaring this kind of servise that are compleet sckams so be very wery. Making mony online is very dificult. You must put in the work to get out what you want.

Right a blog on your site, Blogs can be esaly kept up to date and will provide somthing extra for your users to do, it also can hellp your serch engon rankings.

Keep on tweeking your template untill it has all posible bells and whisles that you want, and try to make it look good. Always update your content so it is uptodate. 

But most inpotantly of all, try not to let your site die. Unless you realy cant aford to host the site, with the cheepest host you can find. A dead website wont get alot of new trafic and it may be dificult to remeber how evrting works on the coding side of things later on if you want to contunue.

The best of look to all website owners out ther, feel free to leve coments or sogetions in the coment aria. They may be a grate hellp to uthers. Dont post eny pointless mesages as they will be deleted that goes also for spam.

Thanks for reading
George out.

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