Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Corparations branewashing kids from the very start via school

I wold just like to point out that some lage coparations are extreemly popula becos of 'brane washing' vier schools. personalty i think it is extreemly good advtising and wold love to be able to tap into it. What I am talking about in this instance is computers.

To my nolage most schools in the UK only use microsoft baste oparating systems as a bases for ther computers. This is not what is rong hear, Microsoft have exsalent softwer when it comes to school and buissnes aplications. What I think is rong is the schools not teching about alternitives, for examle Mac and linux. If kids wer awer off thes aswell it wold help ther IT skills across a lage aria of computing insted of kids growing up with only one way to compute. They take it for granted that microsoft OS are the only option out ther.

By all meen let schools use windows, but atleest tell them about alternatives.

as always feel free to coment and discuss thes ishuws.

George out!


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  2. Its the windows operating system I was refering to. But yes openOffice is a lot beter. Open sorse will always beet comersionl softwer.


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