Friday, 28 January 2011

sound qwality: my opiyon

Over the yers fore some reson as audio technology has improved. The coman joe hasnt notest that the quality of the sownd has gon down. Starting with LPs, ther was a lot more before that but we will start at LPs.

LPs provide the best qwality of audio that you can get on a potable medum. Computers can do beter if they have a £10,000 sound card and even beter speakers and amplifiers, but this is in no way affordable.

Next came caset tapes, that are a way of storing dater on a magnetic tape that runs past a pick up. The quality of thes are truly terable, but the technology has had grate inpact in utehr sectors so they arnt that bad.

After a small sckip over the stuff leding up to them, came CD's. they take up more room than tapes, but the sound quality is beter that them so i can live with that. But its not a scrach on the qualitys of LPs, if you pardon the pun. Sory that was a rely bad joke wasnt it.

MP3s, extremely portable, but have about the same quality as tapes. Dude why????

So for me vinale LPs are the best quality that you can get, just live with it. Also if you are using a pile of crap to play whatever you want to play, the qwality will be a pile of crap, so dont cheep out on eny music divices, ever.

Feel free to coment and descuss thes ishues.

George out!

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