Saturday, 29 January 2011

Internet explora is a pile of crap

IE ever since it has been relest all them yers ago, has been a pile of crap. Why people still use this out dated, extreemly un sacuer web browser is a mistry to me, why not use fire fox ? or google crome ?

IE is slow and truly terable, thats the basic point time trying to say hear.

short post today, Im trying to satart a discusion by posting this, leve a coment below to join in.

George out!


  1. What web browser are you using and why? What do you like to see in web browsers? I use Fire fox mainly, for the reson that it came with my OS.


    George out.

  2. The only time that IE is usefull is when you are at school and its goin really slow so you dont have to do much work

  3. That is a good way of thinking Natalie.


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