Monday, 24 January 2011

I don't have a mobile phone

Most people find that strange that a tenage lad dont have a mobile, or cell fone to my american readers. I dont see the point in them, peple tell me what if you are out and you want to tallk to you mam, If I wanted to talk to my mam i wold have stayd at home.

I have no intenton of geting one for a long time. Moblies are basicly computers, the one reson i wold get one is to put a custem oparating system on it and have it as a full compute, no lockdowns that the manufactras want. Why cant some manufactura just stick a very open vershon of linux on to a fone(I know that ther is google android but it isnt the same) So you can do whatever you wanted on that pees of crap that liys in most peples pockts.

Why do phones have camras now!!!! The terable Qualitys of the camras inide fones hardly justify having them on ther, It seems to me just to be a terable way to atract very naro minded peple to buy phones then use them constantly that makes them even more mony. If you want a camra, buy a camra!!!!!!!

School have basicly band phones but they are still stupid enough to alow texsting and uther cinds of mesiging to happen right under the techers noses, its not hard to spot by students, so why are techers having problems. What is the point in even bring a phone to school, thers plenty of peple to talk to ther.

Alot of resonse ther why I have no intention of geting a mobile phone. A spell checker thow is very ufull. Just must use it more, but you cant even have them in schools.

Feel free to coment on this and all uther posts. Only constructive coments plesz, other coments will be removed.

George out!!

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