Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lets make a website: step by step.

Over the years I have gone thrue a fair few websites. Ones you get uset to how it can be done its relatively easy. Hear is a basick help post for beginers.

Step one: get an idiear.
Ther is no point in wanting to make a website if you dont know what you want with it. You need to have a topic that you are very cofident on and will know what to right about. try and find a nich that ther is not meny good sites on.

Step two: Find a url and snap it up
Onse you have your aria of expertes that your website is going to be about, you need to find an adress(URL) to put it on. To get the URL you must regster it with a hosting company like godaddy or fast host. Ones you have registerd your URL no body else can get it so you are free to beging dising your website. If you cant think of a URL try wordoid, this site helps you find one.

step three: Build your site.
The first stage in building your site is to draw out the lay out on paper so you know what you want. Ones you know what you want your site to look like you can begen to make it. Websites are 'programed' manly in HTML, if you don't know HTML have a look on W3schools, they have a grate tutorials on these subjects. Onse you know how to code, simply build your website and make shuwer it is full of usfull and well riton content

step for: find hosting
To put youre site onto the web you will need to find a hosting company that will host it for you. This meens that ther will be somwer to keep yours site and alow it to be sent out to users. godaddy or fast host for example. You will need to link your URL and your hosting together, the hosting provider will tell you how to do this.

step five: uplode the site
You need to uplode the site you have built to your host, they can tell you how to do this.

step six: keep the site up to date
It is not to good if your site never changes or gets new content added. This will keep your reeders coming back for more.

I probably havent expland this very well but this is a good spot to start to show you the hard work that gose into making a website. I will be posting a post on how to mantane your site and how you can make mony from websites soon, so dont for get to come back soon. Feel free to ask eny questons you have in the coments.

George out!

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