Wednesday, 27 July 2011

free webhosting

I like a lot of peple love geting somthing for nothing, wich is one of the resons i use a linux baset oparating system(but that is a totaly seprat post). Webhosting can often be expencive. Ther are a cupple of free web hosts that I woold not recomend at all, for example that used to be, sirveses like this ofer a very limited package, not much avalable bandwidth, storage ext.

but ther is some grate free webhostes out ther: - grate if you want to host a free blog, just like this one. A blog is a small website, that alows you to post posts. blogger isnt realy a good chose if you want a website.

If you want a free host that offers PHP and mysql databases ther isnt much choyse, personaly i use x10hosting for this sort of funconality. thes sites are ad free and have potenculy unlimited disck space and bandwidth. Ther isnt meny servises that can offer this. The one draw back i find with x10 is you have to visit ther forums quite offtern or your files will start to be deleted. This is just like having a payed for profeshanal host but it is for free. I wold not recomend this if you don't have much HTML knolage as if you are yousing this you are most lightly going to be building your website from scrach.

If you don't have much coding knolage you might be intrested in google sites. This form of doing it is very comunity based, it is more of a shoshal site, but the grate thitng about it is that you get a esy to use WYSIWUG editer, grate if you dont have much  coding knowledge or if you just want to mock up a site quicly insted of having to program your site from scrach.

Althow ther is lots of grate free hosting services out ther i dont think that they will ever replace compleatly a payed for host, thar serveses are just to good.

happy website disine.

thanks for reading. feel free to coment on hear or like ower facebook page.

george out.

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