Tuesday, 26 July 2011

how to find new and intresting stuff on the intanet(top 3 list)

I have started to notest that alot of people stick to what they know when it comes to the intanet, they have a ruteen and dont like to visit new site to find out new stuff. Ther is alot more intresting stuff on the web that alot of you think dont egist. Hear is my top 3 list of how to find intresting stuff on the web.
  1. looking for somthing? google it. this is the most ovias way of finding somthing new, serch a serchenjon. but you can also use other serch enjons to find difrent things, like google blog serch for example this helps you to find blog posts that might intrest you. Happy serching.
  2. Use twitter,  look on whats trending, google it and find out what it is, you might find some stuff you dint know about. also you might like to try stumbleupon this is a sirvies that helps you find websites in a similar way.
  3. try This is a servise that you click on a link and you are taken to a random website, but plese be cerfull and have a up to date anti virus pakage installd. Also thes sigts may not be toatlay 'apropriat' but its still a grate way to find new sites, but ples be cerufll.
That was my top three, feel free to add your own in the coments thread below, also you might want to like us on facebook.

thanks for reading.

george out

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