Thursday, 28 July 2011

happy with both roil mail and maplins

I have had a small inconvinance resontly regarding maplins, for my fearground style stall that some of you know im building i requierd a chaser unit to make the lighs around the signe flash.It was orderd online and just a few days later thrue the post came a package from maplins, it was a small par can, not the chaser that was ordered. I was a little anoyed by this. I then tryed to ring up ther custemer suport number but it was anounced by a recorded message on the other side of the line that it was 'tempareraly unavalable'. This got me quite anoyed, but after trying about half and hower later i managed to get thure to some one. The lady on the end of the phone quite happaly after taking some detales quite happaly sent out the  chaser, that i was suprized that it came the very next day by roil mail. thanks very much maplins.

Roilmail or roil snail as it has been nicknamed by a few peple have suprized me over the last cupple of months, I have had quite a few packeges sent with them and they have all been extreemly quickly. well done roil mail.

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