Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Stick RPG 2

Xgenstudios released stick RPG 2 a wile back now. After 7 years it is finily hear. Personly I like the game, it sort of gets the feal of the previasu one, but with a lot beter grafics. Ther is a lot more to do in this one aswell, wich can be a good thing but also a bad thing becaus you can get distracted,  the game is well worth a play.

Xgen also have other grate broser games(somthing you dont see every day, normaly browser games are of infiria quality). Motherlode is one of them. In this you are in a mining pod on marse, the ferver down you go the more valuble the minarals get. ther is a twist also. but i wont spoil it for you.

so what browser games do you like to play? leve a coment to tell us.

George out.

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