Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The dumming down of tecnolagy is bad for geeks

Tecnolagy is been dumbed down all the time to satasfy the need for things to be easy to use by the public. This is compleaty fine. But lets take one example hear, the humble mobile phone, I don't have one, but ill still use it as an example.

The latest smart phone tecnolagy is very esay to use, evry tom dick and harry seems to have one. But some times the public think that becaus it is the latest stuff, geeks like me will be into it, ther is a lot of geeks about that get very exited at that sort of stuff. But not me to be honast, what I wold like to do is take the cheepst mobile I can find, i havnt found one that sutes my needs yet, but ther must be one out ther. With it i wold like to put a completely self built OS on it and see how well we can make it puform, now thats geeky in my opiyon, taking somthing and riping it to peses then puting it back to gether in a way that it hardy works, but works extreemly well, if that makes sence.

It is insulting to ower inteligants that this sort of stuff is dumed down, it shold be ther all open sorse and dificalt to use. but also have vershons avalable to the rest of the jenral public. in my opinyon eny way,

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