Tuesday, 31 May 2011

my new multimeter

As some of you might know I'm in the proses of constructing a travailing fair ground stile stall. The electrics wear giving me a few problems so I thort it was about time I got a desont multimeter.

Maplin is the closast shop i know of to get one so i went in.  Thats wear the 'fun' started,up first  i wanted to get the £19.99 PG 10B but they wear out of stock, not to worry, the next upgrade avalable is the £24.99 PG 12, it has a few more fetchers so was a good upgrade, but that to was aparantly out of stock.  So I had no choys but to get the £29.99 PG 17 dispit costing me a extra £10 than i wanted to spend, it wasnt a bad price for the meter. This one was in stock at the time. It had a few more good feachers than the last to. I do think however if the product is out of stock, it shodnt be displade.

The person in the shop sead that i wold  need to get a 9v battry(£1.99) it was 2 for the price of one. But i got home to fined it had one in it. It was even printed on the back of the box it came in that it had one in! very anoying. But at lest I have some more 9v battrys rowd the house.

Just a bit of a product review, it ternd out to be a good meater in its runing. Fairly actuat rezults.  It is a bit of a shame that you have to reomve the hole of the back cover to replace that battry and fewses. With it been a low to mid priced meter i wasnent expecting much from its constucton. The cover is made from a fairly brittal but quite nice plastic. The range swich dosnt feel very flimzy, it feels very nice and givce a satasfiing click when it is ternd. The rubber outer cover is also very nice, dose its job well, bit of a luce fit but its not going to fall out. Inside it seems a bit tacky, cheep, very thin fly leeds conecting the continuetry buzzer to the case, the 9v battry clip is just solderd to the bord. however seems to be fairly good. Precision gold did well with it I think.

Thanks very much for reading, coment and rate.

George out.

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