Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Don't you just love rumours

First of all i apolajize for the lack of posts in resont times, personal situatons have made it dificalt. I also wold like to apologise for the lack of live show. My camra is broken and i cant aford a new one. I wold realy apreishate it if you wold all try and tell atlest one frend about this blog, just posting a link to us on face book or wititter wold help boost my ratings and maby the lightly hood of the live show continuing.

Rumours are one of my fravret past times. Nowadays they can spred extreemly fast, i think that this is mainly becaus of texting and the intanet. with in seconds of somthing been made up, 100s of difrent peple can hear about it, then start twisting it them self. with in a hower, just like in chineze wispers, they can have changed compleatly.

I find that ther is a difrence bitween good rumours and bullying rumour. for example spreding rown that a alian landed on the school feaild is a bit of a lafe, saying that Ms x is pregnant is not a good rumer. remeber to try not to harm eny one while you make them up. Just for a bit of fun.

So why not give it a go, make up a rumour and see wher abouts it goes, bit of fun.

thanks very mcuhg

George out!

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