Saturday, 26 February 2011

A litle more on the lab power splay im building

Small post on how this project is going, well i havent done much on it at all. I have however been looking in to some parts that will be used. The first of wich is an on off swich. This one It has a buit in LED light and fits into a 20mm bore that was lookly alredy in it, the hole for the wiers to come out.

The hole for the wiers at the back of the PSU

Well, it will need a bit of paking to fill the hole but it shold work just fine.

For the conecters i have disided on using some normal 'Terminal Possts'. Unfocanatly they are qute expencive but it is the realy the only thing right for this poticlua job.

Thats it for now on this, hopfaly will have this done and sher it with you soon.

George out.

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