Monday, 28 February 2011

companys changeing the websites

Yes updating old websites is good, but, pleas keep old URLs compatible!!!!

A wile back i was righting a post on how to build a gaming rig with less than £500. As i have now found out, the company that i have chose to link to out of the gudness of my hart has disted to change its website compleetly so now the links dont work. like come on!!! they will loos out on a lot of trade becaus of this. broken links arent good.

In other news, Georges blabarings will be going live, evry Saturday 8pm till 10pm(GMT). This will be a live show. fecharing the rantings of me, and some good things. I will keep you posted on this. the reson that this post is so short is becaus im going to work on the set up for it. wish me luck.

Thanks for reading

George out!

Looks like that has been fixt now, thank you dabs

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