Friday, 25 February 2011

How to use this blog

It is becoming aparant that people are struggling to navigate this blog, so this is a guide on how to do it, (It might change over time so I will try and keep it up to date.)

First of all what is a blog? Well the word 'Blog' is a combination of the words 'Web' and 'log'. It is a way to create a log, or journal, on the intanet  for evry one to see. But ther is some blogs out ther that are privat.

How do I navigate this blog? Blogs are split up into posts. What you are reading now is a post. If you are on the home page of this blog(or most other blogs) you can click on its tile to bring you to the articles page, on this page, you can normal leve comments about that poticluala post.

If you are looking for a post on a cereton subject, ther is two ways to find them(On this blog at lesst). At the top of the right side bar ther is a rotating ball of key words 'tags'. If you click on one of thes tags, you will be brote to a page with all of the posts on that subject. You can also find tags at the botom of each post, click on them to be brote to exactly the same page as from the rotating ball of tags. The second way to find posts is from the two serch boxses. The first serch box(In the tool bar across the very top of the blog) will let you serch in a simalar way to the tags, once you have put in the key words, it will take you a page with all the articals relating to what you have sercht for. The second serch box(at the top of the right side bar)  alows you to serch the blog, the web and blog and out going links very quicly as you dont navagate awyay from the page. The results open strat away in the top senter secton.

You can also find posts orderd by date. To do this you can use the "blog arcive", It can be fownd under the 'tag sphear'. It is a drop down menu , simply click on one of the months to be brote to a page with posts orderd by date.

One last way that you can find posts is by using the 'you might also like' links at the bottom of each and evry post. 

At the botom of each of thes pages under the post you will find somthing like this(some of the botens may be missing on difrent pages dipending on its own sercomstances):

Use thees botens to navergate to newer posts, the home page and older posts. You can use the 'posts (atom)' link to get the feed of the blog strate to your own reader, if you take a look, it will make more sence.

I hope this has made you more awaer of the fechers of this blog, you will find that other blogs have very simalar fechers. Thanks for reading.

George out!

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