Saturday, 31 December 2011

why do blogs some blogs faile?

OK it looks like this blog has totaly diead, but i wold love to give it a new lease of life, so i think its about time i did a post on why blogs fail.

The first reson is often peple blog about stuff that dosnt intrest them, or somthing that will only intrest them for a small amount of time. This blog dostn have a fixt subject, it is just a comontry on how unstanderd spelling is not as bad or "rong" as peple think.

Another reson I think is peple try to blog to much, so much so that they run out of subjects/topics to post about, It is good to have a brake every so often and then come back with fresh idiars.

Or it just comes down to lazyness, not puting much work into it, but if you pick a subject that you are pashanat about it shodnt feel like work it will just be you shering your intrests.

Becaus i dont like to put all of my eggs in one basketi tryed to branch out with new blogs with set subjects, funfairs, computers, gaming and spase explaraton for example but i just codnt seem to get into them and ended up dileting them, lets hope this blog isnt going to die compleatly.

thanks for reading

George out.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What do you want me to post about?

Agen i apolagise for the lack of posts, but its just i have complealty ran out of idars, on friday i am going to start posting funy vidio friday agen, but i realy need to come up with more idaers, also I working on a few other things at the moment and is quite buzzy.

post your idears for posts in the coments secton below, thanks for reading.

George out

Friday, 16 September 2011

Sory for not posting in a while

Im sory for not posting in a long time, other things have got in the way, im hoping to get back to bloging on a faily regular bases with even more 'bad' spellings.

The next post will be on overclocking, but not computers, electric moters.

thanks for reading

george out

Thursday, 28 July 2011

happy with both roil mail and maplins

I have had a small inconvinance resontly regarding maplins, for my fearground style stall that some of you know im building i requierd a chaser unit to make the lighs around the signe flash.It was orderd online and just a few days later thrue the post came a package from maplins, it was a small par can, not the chaser that was ordered. I was a little anoyed by this. I then tryed to ring up ther custemer suport number but it was anounced by a recorded message on the other side of the line that it was 'tempareraly unavalable'. This got me quite anoyed, but after trying about half and hower later i managed to get thure to some one. The lady on the end of the phone quite happaly after taking some detales quite happaly sent out the  chaser, that i was suprized that it came the very next day by roil mail. thanks very much maplins.

Roilmail or roil snail as it has been nicknamed by a few peple have suprized me over the last cupple of months, I have had quite a few packeges sent with them and they have all been extreemly quickly. well done roil mail.

Thanks for reading, fell free to coment on hear. 'like' ower face book page, or send me an email:

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

free webhosting

I like a lot of peple love geting somthing for nothing, wich is one of the resons i use a linux baset oparating system(but that is a totaly seprat post). Webhosting can often be expencive. Ther are a cupple of free web hosts that I woold not recomend at all, for example that used to be, sirveses like this ofer a very limited package, not much avalable bandwidth, storage ext.

but ther is some grate free webhostes out ther: - grate if you want to host a free blog, just like this one. A blog is a small website, that alows you to post posts. blogger isnt realy a good chose if you want a website.

If you want a free host that offers PHP and mysql databases ther isnt much choyse, personaly i use x10hosting for this sort of funconality. thes sites are ad free and have potenculy unlimited disck space and bandwidth. Ther isnt meny servises that can offer this. The one draw back i find with x10 is you have to visit ther forums quite offtern or your files will start to be deleted. This is just like having a payed for profeshanal host but it is for free. I wold not recomend this if you don't have much HTML knolage as if you are yousing this you are most lightly going to be building your website from scrach.

If you don't have much coding knolage you might be intrested in google sites. This form of doing it is very comunity based, it is more of a shoshal site, but the grate thitng about it is that you get a esy to use WYSIWUG editer, grate if you dont have much  coding knowledge or if you just want to mock up a site quicly insted of having to program your site from scrach.

Althow ther is lots of grate free hosting services out ther i dont think that they will ever replace compleatly a payed for host, thar serveses are just to good.

happy website disine.

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george out.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

how to find new and intresting stuff on the intanet(top 3 list)

I have started to notest that alot of people stick to what they know when it comes to the intanet, they have a ruteen and dont like to visit new site to find out new stuff. Ther is alot more intresting stuff on the web that alot of you think dont egist. Hear is my top 3 list of how to find intresting stuff on the web.
  1. looking for somthing? google it. this is the most ovias way of finding somthing new, serch a serchenjon. but you can also use other serch enjons to find difrent things, like google blog serch for example this helps you to find blog posts that might intrest you. Happy serching.
  2. Use twitter,  look on whats trending, google it and find out what it is, you might find some stuff you dint know about. also you might like to try stumbleupon this is a sirvies that helps you find websites in a similar way.
  3. try This is a servise that you click on a link and you are taken to a random website, but plese be cerfull and have a up to date anti virus pakage installd. Also thes sigts may not be toatlay 'apropriat' but its still a grate way to find new sites, but ples be cerufll.
That was my top three, feel free to add your own in the coments thread below, also you might want to like us on facebook.

thanks for reading.

george out
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