Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Is home works realy nesasery?

OK this is starting to anoy me now, so im going to have a pointlass rant. Wher is the benafit in doing home work!
personaly I think that is only perpos is to cores anoyance and unesasery stress. Ther is a few resons for this, the first of wich, is who actuly sits down at a righting desk and works thrue some work that realy colde have been coverd in the leson, with the help of a qualifide teacher. It seems very out dated. But ther is a nother type of home work whear you go over somthing you did in class, so if you did it in class what is the point in going over it agen! come on! I supose its ok if you thing that you need to go over it your self, just to re infores it, but mandutry home work! why?

Secondly I wold say that most home work given seems, to me eany way, rushed and slapt to gether. just for the sake of giving it. wich if you aske me is no benafit at all, just a lage wast of paper.

Lastly, if you dont do the home work, you get shouted at. Can some one point out the thinking bihind this, maby you shold actuly take time and tell us what was on the sheat or tell us what the work coverd. Shouting at some one isnt insatantly going to make them know what informaton was coverd. A teachers job is to teach but shouting at some one isnt teching them is it.

Thats my thorts eny way. feel free to leve a coment and tell us what you thinck, or you can email your thorts to and i will try to get back to you as fast as posoble

George out!

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