Thursday, 16 June 2011

Funny fake phishing E-mails

Ever since I started publishing a contact email on this blog in a 'unsafe' way(an actual text and link to it so that web cralers can esly read it) it was hit with spam and phishing emails. I knew it wold happon wich is one of the resons I did it.

The genral format of thes emails are that some one has past away along with ther next of kin, and they have a lage amount of money resting in a forron acount with no body to clame it. They then normaly ask for you to give them your bank detales so that the mony can be 'trans ferd'. DON'T FALL FOR IT! It is quite oviasly a scam. All the ones i have seen  mention at some point Burkina Faso West Africa making me think that they are all coming from one perosn, but his migt not be true.One example even used a real person with a link to a news post about ther death to try and convinse people.

Personaly i find it quite funny as I can't stop thinking about George Agdgdgwngo from phonejacker when im reading them. But it is not funny if you ever fall for one, be shuer to check you know ecatly who emails are from befor you send most infomaton, and be very cefull as email isnt very sucuer when it comes to transmitting dater.

One think i wold like to say, is that Microsoft have done a fantastic job on there E-mail Spam filter. it worsks very well, well done Microsoft.

some junk in me junk foled

Thank you for reading, feel free to comen on this post, maby you can tell us abut a funy phishng email you have incounterd to help stop plele forling for it.

If you have a request for a post, or even just your thorts on the blog, pleas email them to

George out!

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