Saturday, 31 December 2011

why do blogs some blogs faile?

OK it looks like this blog has totaly diead, but i wold love to give it a new lease of life, so i think its about time i did a post on why blogs fail.

The first reson is often peple blog about stuff that dosnt intrest them, or somthing that will only intrest them for a small amount of time. This blog dostn have a fixt subject, it is just a comontry on how unstanderd spelling is not as bad or "rong" as peple think.

Another reson I think is peple try to blog to much, so much so that they run out of subjects/topics to post about, It is good to have a brake every so often and then come back with fresh idiars.

Or it just comes down to lazyness, not puting much work into it, but if you pick a subject that you are pashanat about it shodnt feel like work it will just be you shering your intrests.

Becaus i dont like to put all of my eggs in one basketi tryed to branch out with new blogs with set subjects, funfairs, computers, gaming and spase explaraton for example but i just codnt seem to get into them and ended up dileting them, lets hope this blog isnt going to die compleatly.

thanks for reading

George out.


  1. The fact you give the option to rate this post as spelt bad is fantlastlic!


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