Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Top 5 tips for giving tech suport

I am curantly taking work experience as a IT techniton in a school. I have only been ther two days and i have alredy lernt lodes. hear are my top five tips for giving tech suport.
  1. First of all, try not to insulte eny ones inteligent, even if the problem is somthing extreemly simple. For example a teacher didnt know how to press play. Or a nother comomn one is that the moniter isnt terning on becaus it isnt pluged in. never treat some one as if ther stuped.
  2. Confidence is key. Even if you have apsalutly no clue about what you are doing with a poticuler job act if you do. try for a bit, and if you cant figer it out compleaty. say you need to get somthing, go away google the problem then fix it. act confidant all the time.
  3. As anoying as it may be, peple forget passwords. This is a comon thing, so you will get it alot, aspeshaly if you are working some whear with alot of peple.
  4. be fast as fast as you can. If ther is a problem try to get to it and fixt it as fast as you can. Not much anoys peple more than a lest than puncual IT tech.
  5. Its not all computers, from expriane, you ofeten get roped into doing other jobs that isnt realy computer orantated. stage lighting and sound is the common one i have come across in schools. Antother was seting up chears for an asembaly.
This is a very basic list, i might be going into more detale in the fucher. Thanks for reading

George out.

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