Saturday, 16 July 2011

A quick look inside a webcam

Yestaday i opend up this old webcam that i have had laying rowund for a good few years. I am very suprised at the quality of the constucton considaring it was cheep. I dont remeber what the make and modle as it was perches meny years ago.

The front of the bord, ther isnt realy much  on ther to talk about, other then it uses conectors to conect things isnted of just soldaring them to the bord using cheep fly leeds. This meens it wont brake as esaly.

This picher shows the ajustable lence and microphone that is on this poticula webcam. its all very nice.
The chip in the middle of the black sercal is the chip that picks up the image. I found it very intresting beacus it is glass fronted you can see the copper linkeges bitween the actual silicone and the outer casing. All ICs have this inside but not offton do you see it.(click on the picher to enlage it and you can see this)

Constucton wise it is a very nice webcam, but for actual use as a web cam the imige quality isnt the best. To give you some idiar of quality this vido was filmed using it back in 2007:

Thanks for reading.

George out.

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