Wednesday, 29 June 2011

casio sientific calculator revew(fx-83ES and fx-85ES)

The casio fx-85ES(left) and the casio fx-83ES(right) sientific calculators

This is a very quick revew of theas caluculators, they are very good at what they do and contane alot of feachers that I like.

First of all the 'natural display' alows for calculatons to be diplade on the screen as you wold right them down, not like on alot of cheeper caluculators that display everthing in a not very nicely formated line.(But if you preffer calcuators like that the mode can be changed so it formats it like that). One thing that I didnt like untill last week but now i love is that the ancers are first diplade as a simplifyed serd. also it can simplify fractons for you very simpily. If you want to see the desamal ancer thow you just need to press the SD button. The replay fucnton alows you to redo the same calcuaton more than ones quicly wich is quite good.
the natural display showing a calcuaton
The calculators functon more or less in the same way, but from using them side by side it is posoble to seen that the fx-85ES is quite a bit faster than the fx-83ES.  As far as casing goes the fx-85ES has a removabl cover just for the battory but the fx-83ES requiers the hole of the back cover to be removed to change the battry. The fx-85ES all so has 'two way power' as it has a small soler cell, this mees less power is drawn from the battory, the fx-83ES doesn't have this.

I higly recomend thes calulators for exams, or just genral use that requierss more than just aditon,subtracton,multiplacton and divishon.

thanks very much for reading.

George out.

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