Tuesday, 26 April 2011

knex is more then a toy

knex is extreemly usfull stuff. Out of it i have built all manar of usfull stuff. from camra stands to microphone holders.

But the latast adishon to this is a holder for mounting a extra fan in side my computer. At the moment it is quite hot,and becaus of this, my over clocked components(CPU and GPU) are at risk, so this fan helps to cool the graphics card.

hear it is

so i find that it is more than just a toy, knex is a tool for doing stuff that wold be realy dificalt and expencive to do with out it, thanks a lot knex. 

oh and yes, I did do some cable managemant to sort out that mess you can see.

Also you can now subscribe to the blog viar email very easly, ther is a litle form in the right side bar, just stick your email adress in, hit subscribe and you will be emaild when a new post comes out. good eh?

George Out

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