Saturday, 23 April 2011

books are too expencive!!!

The price of evrthing is stilll on the rise, becaous of fule and stuff, but enuff of that, the schools want us to read. Ok lets try and read. To do that the most oviase opton over a news paper is a book. so lets try and get a book. With me not wanting to pay for much(one of the resons me blog is hosted on blogger) i will go to a public libray, well ok, but they are all shut!!! grate next stop is a charaty shop to get books that are cheep as chips, i find that books found in charaty shops dont realy sute my needs, some one tell me about a charaty shop wher i can get a python Pocket Reference gide realy!. ok but if we look in a book shop, you are paying reduclas prices for books, enuff sead. Ispose you cold borow a book from school, but, its the holadays and school is closes.

Also georges blabbarings live is back tonight 8 till 10.


George Out!


  1. File sharing, brother. I have thousands of books at my finger tips;)

  2. i find real books are easar to read than online books becaus of my dyslexia, is dificalt to comprehend the online books, unless they are just short bits of text like this coment :)

  3. I agree nowadays I'm sure there are many people who get books from the library in order to save some money.

  4. but lodes of librarys have shut, shuch a shame


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