Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Energy Saving Search Dont Work(for most peple)

This week at my school we have been encouraged to use search sites like blackle and other forms of 'Energy saving' search engines. The the school have been advertising them as a new mirical way of saving enagy(because of the black background).

This is relay annoying me. This enagy saving technique will only work with serton types of screen.  One of them is the old CRT monitors for one(the large, old, glass, screens, not flat screen at all), thes a rediculasly out dated and not used much, most deficiently not in schools. The brand new OLD screens are a nother, but ther is not much chance in the school investing in them eny times soon. plasmer screens dont have this also, but they are terable, just do a google serch.

most of the scheens the school use have a solid back light, meening that the whie light is on all the time, to create black all of the 'hols' in the schreen are blanked over, they still use the same amount of enagy.

so dont go away thinking that thes types of sites are saving enagy this way, some is been saved, but it is a minisucle amound, be cause the magoraty of schreens use the asame amount of enagty to display white as to display black.

Some of thes serch sites are however are 'eco frendly' becaous they are run on servers powerd by sastanable sorses of power.

George out

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