Thursday, 20 January 2011

Inside a CD drive

A while back as I had built a new computer, the old one was dismantaled completely. I still have most of the parts. This cd drive works off old IDE tecnoligy. Lets take a look inside. sory for the quality of photos.
the front of the drive

The back of the drive with the IDE and Molex power conetors

The botom of the drive, only 4 scrues and the howl thing lifts off

the top of the drive with a fansy worning and info sticker

As the bottem cover was lifted off, i saw this chip with metale exposed. It was heat sinked to the cover on the drive thrue a pese of thermale pading material

The mane controle bord of the drive.

A full over vew of the drive

the back of the mane controle bord, it had thias very nice micro conetors and ribben cables ataching it to the rest of the divice.

and finaly this is the moveing lazer head that both berns and reads the discks. If i had more time i wold have powerd it up with the cover off but i didnt.

This is a very old drive and dispist serching the web for a wile I codnt fine alot of the individual ICs.

George out.

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